The Only IDP Accuracy Guarantee

The #1 question asked when your evaluating intelligent document processing systems is “what will my accuracy be?”

Vendors don’t like that question because it forces them to be transparent.

But in an industry first, Infrrd is offering an accuracy performance guarantee.

What does this guarantee tell you?

  • Infrrd makes your solution work in your operational setting
  • Infrrd is a partner that aligns its goals with your goals

Infrrd gets the job done, and delivers business impact to you.

The Infrrd Guarantee is our commitment to you that your solution will perform as promised.

You get a promise that starts on day one. The guarantee ensures that your data extraction solution will provide compelling accuracy from day one and throughout its lifecycle.

You get a promise with teeth. The solution misses the accuracy target, we correct it, and you’ll get a credit.

You get a promise you can rely on. By guaranteeing the solution’s performance, Infrrd removes barriers that have kept you from transforming processes and creating new, compelling value for your customers.

You get a promise you can bank on. The promised helps deliver a business case with the fastest time to value, known cost, and ROI certainty.

We’ve written an ebook that gives more details on Infrrd’s unique guarantee and how to use it for your own benefit.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • Why data accuracy is the top KPI for your digital business
  • Why other vendors don’t offer a guarantee
  • What is Infrrd’s accuracy guarantee and how it works
  • How Infrrd’s guarantee can accelerate your digital business

The promise and guarantee remove performance uncertainty and make data extraction from complex documents easy and reliable.

Infrrd makes intelligent document processing work. For you.

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