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AI can solve big problems in the document intake process, but it needs the right foundation to succeed. That’s why knowing if the options you’re looking at are rooted in an AI-native platform is so important. To successfully implement and operate AI, you need a platform built for these technologies…

When it comes to tackling business process challenges, intelligent document processing (IDP) holds the key to success for enterprise data.

Implementing a successful IDP solution starts with research — exploring IDP’s critical capabilities is your best way to measure how different vendors can address document intake bottlenecks and improve data…

An e-commerce technology firm needed to process long grocery receipts, but OCRs weren’t accurate enough.

And manually processing the receipts was too slow.

The firm’s cloud service offered future discount coupons to consumers who sent in shopping receipts by partnering with consumer brands. The firm needed a way to increase its efficiency and dive deeper into its data.

Download the use case and learn how Infrrd has helped this firm automate the entire process and make valuable predictions:

  • Achieve high extraction accuracy.
  • Automate the process 100% (staff got assigned to higher-value tasks).
  • Predicted what the customer would buy next (behavioral analytics).

Infrrd. Redefine Possible.

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How can intelligent document processing unlock business value from your data?

Intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions automate document intake processes with complex, unstructured documents. It’s a breakthrough solution that promises to eliminate your manual processing bottlenecks.

But many leaders, like you, have a difficult time sorting through vendor claims and finding an IDP solution that works to optimize your specific use…

Typical data extraction solutions use a single OCR engine to get the data out of the document.

But this single-engine architecture creates problems when it comes to complex documents and documents that vary over time. You know, real-world documents.

In this white paper, we discuss these OCR problems and outline a solution that we have found works really well.

Read the White Paper and learn:

  • The truth of why your single-engine OCR won’t work.
  • How to use multiple OCR’s to solve this problem.
  • Preprocessing steps you must take to use multiple OCR’s.

Download your free White Paper today and learn how to boost up the performance of your OCR solution.

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Let’s face it: Extraction of data from graphs is a challenge.

You know that the valuable information in graphs usually requires staff to extract it out. OCR is just not up to the task.

But you can automate graph data extraction. Infrrd has done it. And because this a big problem, we’ve put together tips and insights in this eBook that can help automate the process as well.

Download the White Paper and learn:

  • Why OCR is not a solution for this use case
  • Five elements of graphs that bring OCR to its knees
  • Tips to address each of these elements

Download your free White Paper today.

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Research shows 70% of companies achieve minimal or no benefit from AI. Many leaders (the 70%) run AI projects without understanding the pitfalls and avoiding them.

But you’re different. You know how to run AI projects and get results.

You know your success depends on knowing and managing AI risks.

To help ensure you’re confident that you’re seeing the key risks, we drafted the 6 AI Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them eBook.

Confidence grows with you knowing. Success grows with your AI confidence.

Download your copy of the 6 AI Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them.

Infrrd. Redefine Possible.

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Document intake is often the last mile of automation for companies that need to extract data from forms with multiple sources and endless variations.

Technologies like OCR can do some of the jobs, some of the time, but for document-heavy industries like insurance, even the most skilled workforce gets stuck…

That explains why you feel like you’re stuck in the slow lane when it comes to achieving perfect data accuracy and automating your enterprise.

We know you can’t take chances with your ROI, and that you don’t have time to wait. Let us show you how Intelligent Document Processing from Infrrd can unlock your valuable data to zip past your competition.

IDP is your EZ Pass to scalable, accurate, and intelligent automation.

Imagine an automation journey beyond rigid templates, with exponential efficiency that transforms your digital business.

Get an Infrrd IDP solution today and start your speedier, smoother ride to the future.

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The definition of work is changing. In the workplace of the future, people will make only the most meaningful decisions. The rest will be done by algorithms.

Getting ready for tomorrow

Those algorithms will present you with decisions that need to be made during your workday, and they will keep working when you go…


Infrrd has been offering AI as a Service since inception. Their focus is on developing faster Enterprise AI platform using AI, ML & NLP-

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